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Samantha V. Buncher

Samantha V. Buncher is a gifted horse broker whose connections with other trainers across the US, and knack for finding just the right horse for a rider, make her an excellent contact to help you sell the horse you have and find your next horse!

For years, Samantha worked as a teacher and horse trainer. Then, one day, while selling a horse for a client, she found her passion: buying and selling horses. Not only did she find that she enjoyed finding just the right horse for a person, but she also loved giving a horse a new family or barn.

In fact, over the years, Sam has found so much fulfillment in the hunt for just the right horse for just the right person that she works mainly as a horse broker. And she uses her years of training and experience in the teaching and training fields to do so.

In fact, when horses come to the barn in need of schooling, Sam applies her expertise to get them ready for the sale and uses her knowledge and understanding of horse anatomy and skill to assess the value of a horse. In other words, whereas others may try to figure out a horse’s worth in the marketplace, Samantha has the expertise to assess and determine exactly what a horse can and should bring in a sale.

To get to this intuitive knowledge of the horse, Sam spent years under the tutelage of experts. Inspired by her teachers, Samantha became a talented rider, trainer and instructor as well. Beloved by her students and their parents, Samantha understands the focused enthusiasm of the advanced rider ready to show on the circuit, as well as the excitement of the beginning rider going to local schooling shows.

As an instructor, she knows how to meet the learning styles of her students, and understands the need to pace lessons to both stretch and inspire the student, as well as the broader needs that life at a barn serve for the rider and his/her family.

Having grown up around horses and riders, and trained under grand prix riders and trainers, Sam has a teaching style that motivates her students to do and be their best. She knows how to match a student with a horse, how to guide her riders through their growing years in the saddle, and how to nurture the horses under her care as well.

With experience, expertise, patience and know how, she is prepared and able to help your child reach his or her riding goals. Whatever your childs riding level and aspirations, Samantha is someone you can trust to be there to work with your rider and bring out the best in him or her.


Where It All Began:

Samantha’s love of horses and riding began when she was less than seven years old at a small English barn in Virginia. As she grew in skill and expertise, her ability to understand and communicate with horses became apparent.

By 14, she found a trainer who was able to explain horse nature in a way that motivated Samantha to strive for excellence in riding more than ever before. This experience continues to affect her approach with students, guiding her to tailor her instruction to the needs, abilities, and commitment level of her students.

During high school, Samantha spent one year at Willow Hill, an eventing farm in Upstate New York, under the tutelage of Rolex Rider and Trainer Tara Edwards and Grand Prix Rider and Trainer Julie Edwards, and two seasons in Wellington showing and catch riding. These experiences inspired Samantha to become a professional horsewoman in order to gain the ability and expertise to help students and their horses reach their potential in the ring.

With this decided, she pursued her formal equestrian education at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre, where she became a Certified Riding Master VI, A Certified Instructor III and Trainer, and a certified Equine Massage Therapist. 

Samantha’s show career has included shows and wins in show rings all the way from Lake Placid in Upstate New York, through Vermont, down to Wellington, Littlewood, Plantation Acres and Tropical Park in South Florida. She has also shown at Folsom in Louisiana.

After three years working first as an assistant trainer at Condee Farm in South Florida where Samantha rode between 10-16 horses daily, and then, at LeBocage in Lake Charles, where she taught 30 students each week, Sam spent several years running her own riding and training barn.

Today, Sky High Equestrian has evolved into a place where families, trainers, and farm owners come to buy and sell premium horses, and receive quality riding instruction as well.


A Horse for Every Rider; A Rider for Every Horse!


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